pinky the cat

Pinky the cat and other patterns for magazines

I have designed amigurumi patterns for Kotivinkki 101 ideaa magazine. Some of the older patterns are now available online.

Here you can find links to the patterns that have been published on Kotivinkki 101 ideaa website. Note: these are in Finnish only!


Pinky the cat (cat, Kotivinkki 101 ideaa 1/11)
Pöllömaskotti (owl, Kotivinkki 101 ideaa 2/11)
Norppa-amigurumi (ringed seal, Kotivinkki 101 ideaa 1/12)
Jouluvarpunen (Christmas sparrow, Kotivinkki 20/2013)


The copyright of the patterns linked above is reserved by the Forma Publishing Group Ltd.

3 thoughts on “Pinky the cat and other patterns for magazines

  1. I know it has been a while since the last post on here, but I had no trouble using an online text translator to get the pattern for Pinky the Cat in English.
    I used google translate to do this. Only a few words did not translate but I think I can figure those out myself.

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