Needlepoint jazz-crow

Needlepoint Jazz-crow pattern + instructions

Here is another needlepoint work, this time inspired by my good old Jazz-crow amigurumi. Here you can find a free pattern and instructions for making your own embroidered Jazz-crow portrait.

The measures of the finished work are: width 24cm, height 24cm, depth 2cm.

I have also shared the Photoshop file I used to create this pattern with some instructions. It’s free for you to use as a base for your own needlepoint patterns.

For this pattern you will need

For the needlepoint work:
ca. 40cm penelope canvas (thread count 60 / 10cm)
Tapestry wool yarns (e.g. DMC tapestry wool):
Natural white / ECRU
Light grey
Dark grey
(Different shades of) green
Grey and black perle cotton

For framing:
24cm x 24cm wooden canvas frame
Sewing thread
Thin steel wire or thick cotton thread

Tapestry needles (small and medium size)
Sewing machine
Staple gun + staples

Stitch the Jazz-crow pattern onto the canvas with tapestry wool using simple tent stitch. Before starting, remember to leave 8-10 thread pairs as seam allowance around the picture so it will be a lot easier to frame the work when it is finished. When you have done the needlepoint part, backstitch the mouth and the nostrils using black perle cotton. Backstitch the edge of the brim of the hat using grey perle cotton.

When you have finished the stitching, cut the canvas to the shape shown in the pattern image, leaving 3-4 thread pairs as seam allowance on the corners of the work. To keep the canvas from fraying, finish the edges with a narrow zigzag stitch on your sewing machine. Sew up the corners of the canvas so that it forms a square-shaped “box” with the frontside as the bottom.

Join the parts of the canvas frame. Stretch the canvas around the frame, making sure it lines up with the edges of the frame. Be extra careful with the corners.

Needlepoint Jazz-crow

When you think your canvas is properly lined up, fold the seam allowances to the backside of the frame and staple once on each side. Keep the fabric tight but don’t stretch too much – you want the front to be flat, not warped. Check the front side and if it’s fine, staple opposite sides of the canvas from center to the corners. (You can take a look at the Needlepoint Robo instructions to see how the reverse side of the work should look like.)

Block the frontside of the canvas by moisting it with cold water using a flower spray bottle. Let it dry. That makes small warps disappear.

Staple a clip of thin steel wire or cotton thread to the back of the frame for hanging.

Pattern images:
Needlepoint Jazz-crow pattern (png)
Needlepoint Jazz-crow pattern (pdf)

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